[ Love – intimacy and seduction in urban landscape ]

This booklet introduces the raw truth about “commercial love” in the urban landscape.
The designed based on the online reviews of a prostitute, Beatrice. She works in a brothel in Berlin and her clients fell in love with her leaving genuinely amorous messages on the brothel’s website.

The contradiction of the topic is in the misery of receiving physical love in exchange for money and the parallel arisen intense emotions. We searched to express the answer graphically:

Is it possible to put a price tag on love?

« …the city is not merely a rigid stage for love affairs, but it directly influences the emotional relationships of people, and is, in turn, shaped and organized according to their emotional actions…. »

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Book N°7 : Commercial Love
20 designers, 7 groups, 10 days, 1 publication
Onlab CH
Berlin, DE
Collaboration with: Kim Andenmatten (CH) and Jasio Stefanski (USA)